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Trending Wedding Fashion

Finding the perfect wedding dress is not easy, especially when you don't know exactly what style and fit you want. With these trending styles, you might add a couple styles to your list. The wedding dress industry has made numerous creative designs that are guaranteed to make you look fabulous on your wedding day. The newest trends for wedding dresses are high collars, deep V necklines, pockets, back accents, 3D embellishments and separates. A high neck collar is ultra-elegant and gives off a sleek sexy look especially when paired with statement earrings and an updo. It also gives the illusion of your shoulders being slimmer and makes your body look long and lean. Another trend is a deep V neckline. The V neckline helps elongate your frame, and show off your curves. If you want a more traditional look, adding extra details to the neckline will make it seem that it is not quite as low. A deep V neckline with thin straps helps flaunt the collarbone which is a subtle way to make a feminine and sexy statement. Let's be real, who doesn't love putting on a dress to find out it has pockets, and yes you instantly fall in love with it more after your discovery. Having pockets in a wedding dress can help you store things in there like your vows. Best of all, you can strike a pose and have an amazing carefree photo. Back accents are a huge trend right now. You can add a dash of color, a huge bow or just go simple with a corset. Back accents add a dramatic “wow” factor to your dress. Also backless dresses are the hottest trend. With a correct posture, no slouching, a backless dress can add a sexy look while also making you look slender and taller. 3D embellishments were newly introduced to the wedding dress scene at the Spring 2017 Bridal Fashion Week. By using these embellishments, you include more texture by having beading or eye popping flowers on your dress. These details will make people take a double-take! Lastly, separates, also called two pieces, are taking the stage. This nontraditional wedding look will definitely make you stand out. These sets are super fun and flirty and are perfect for a casual wedding. Best of all they can come in multiple styles, short and long, that are perfect for a summer day wedding at the beach. New trends are coming about everyday, so keep an eye out for them! Finding a wedding dress is all about you, so don't settle for less and go all out with these fun trends!

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