• Charlie Parker

Wedding Budget 101

Spending on a wedding can add up very quickly and put you in a pickle. In order to be smart and not go over budget a few tips and tricks must be followed. First you have to establish who’s paying and what your budget is. Whether you're having an extravagant ballroom wedding or a small backyard wedding, your guest list is a huge cost. Changing the guest list size will either increase or decrease your cost because you have to pay per head cost for food, liquor, favors, stationery and many additional necessities for your guests. Your wedding setting is also very important, and some locations have a head count minimum. As surprising as it sounds, a day wedding is usually less expensive than a night wedding because of the higher catering costs for dinner, and also because people tend to drink less during the daytime. Once you are engaged it is ideal to start putting away money. By limiting your spending on unnecessary stuff like going out to dinner 3x a week, try cooking at home. Putting away 20% of your monthly income can help your saving go by quickly! Always remember the extras that can add on during your wedding day. Overtime is a huge hidden cost especially when you're having the time of your life it's understandable to not care, but an extra hour could cost you a lot! Little things like stamps for your invitations, balloons, the marriage license and ribbon add up quickly making you go over budget in a snap of a finger. Tips also need to be accounted for in your budget. Another trick is when buying everything for your wedding put it on a credit card that has benefits like cash back or other rewards. By following these top ways to save, budgeting will become very easy. Choose which aspects to your wedding are most important and which are not and budget accordingly. Cutting the guest list is tough but it will lower your costs tremendously. Don't spend money on pricey details no one will notice, stick with the simple necessities. Coming back to the guests, make your menu simpler because remember you are paying for a large sum of people. Another food and drink hack is to have your expensive champagne for the toast but then pour a less expensive champagne the rest of the night. When spending money on your wedding it is important to not get carried away and remember less is more!

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