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How to protect your ring 101

Caring for your precious rock can be very easy with these tips and tricks. First off, cleaning your ring is essential to keep it sparkling. Everyday products cloud your stone and make it duller over time which nobody wants. For white gold rings, you should have your ring dipped or Rhodium plated to restore its luster. If your ring gets scratched, as unfortunately is bound to happen, you should buff or polish your ring; keep in mind this will wear down the metal though. Setting is also very important! You should have the setting checked every 6-12 months by a professional to make sure it's properly fitted. Another important factor, is when to take off your ring. Working out is an ideal to take off your ring because you risk bending the metal. David Watling from De Beers Head of Diamond Center explains,"The materials used in diamond jewelry, platinum and gold, are, to a certain degree, soft. If the shape of a ring is bent enough, you then risk bending the claws that hold the diamond and your diamond falling out." While moisturizing, you also make your ring prone to clouding from excess buildup of the product. The most mistaken time people do not take off their ring is while swimming. Cold water shrinks your fingers, making it easier for your ring to slide off your finger! Chlorine also discolors your mounting. Keep your ring away from chemicals as well. Many household chemicals have abrasive solutions that can erode metal settings, so be sure to check the ingredients beforehand. Gardening is an ideal time to take off your ring as well because of the possibility of chipping your ring. When taking off your ring, it is very important you put it in a safe and memorable place. Never put it near a ledge or edge of sink… risking it to drop down the drain. Lastly, make sure you have insurance on your ring in case anything happened! Before getting insurance make sure to get a diamond certificate and grading report. The average cost for insurance on your ring is around $1 to $2 for every $100 it would cost to replace it. By taking these safety measures, your diamond will be dazzling just as it did the first day it was bought!

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